Challenge your stacking skills in this unique physics-based
tower stacking game with an explosive twist.

Coming soon!

Does It Stack coming to Meta Quest Fall 2024

Some fun stacts

Stacking master?

Plan out your stacking strategy to (try and) complete the stacking challenges!

Or a stacking disaster?

Plans don't always go the way you intended. Your stack can go from 100-0 real quick. Be careful!

An explosive twist!

Watch out. If two objects of the same color touch each other, they go BOOM!

Creativity is key

Challenges don't have a single solution. Be creative! We've given you plenty of objects to work with!

Augmented- or Virtual Reality

Choose your preferred way of playing! In your living room or fully immersed in Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Solo or together

Choose to go for a sneaky daily stack after work or play together with friends and family on the weekends. Or both? You choose!



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Vitaly Tarnover – lead programmer
Tim Vermant – gameplay programmer
Mathias Radder – physics programmer
Dovydas Budrys – 3D assets and environments
Kasper Geeroms– concept, game design, production

Baptiste Deboutte – lead programmer
Nathan Franco Marques – gameplay programmer, 2D graphics, social content
Vitaly Tarnover – physics and VR/AR programmer, social content
Tom Partoens – UI/UX and camera programmer
Szabolcs Csizmadia – visual effects and lighting, social content
Dovydas Budrys – 3D assets and environments
Kasper Geeroms – level design and production
Mike Coeck – PR and business development

Development Team